Summer outdoor experiences

Geopark of Bletterbach

A unique look inside the Dolomites.
This extraordinary route takes you along the banks of the Bletterbach river, through the Dolomite rock walls and the 400 meter deep cavern that offers views of 40 million years of geological history.

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Lake Carezza

The rainbow fairy-tale lake. This Alpine crystal clear mountain lake is a natural jewel of changing rainbow colours, reflecting the exquisite rocky profiles of Latemar and Catinaccio, mixed with the blue of the sky. Legend tells of an unrequited love story with a nymph who, to this day, still lives in these waters.

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Earth Pyramids

Clay giants. The result of divine punishment according to legend, or rather the result of a process of a millennia of natural erosion. The striking and exceptionally rare earth pyramids of Collepietra, 30 meters high with a boulder ‘hat on their head,’ are certainly worth a visit.

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Mountain Cinema

A total immersion in nature while viewing the six most panoramic points of the Val d’Ega, all admired through a wooden frame, seated on a comfortable observation deck.

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Trekking and Excursions

Among majestic rocks and green meadows there are over 500 kilometers of hiking paths suitable for all levels of fitness, traversing farm and mountain passes and immersed in a picture postcard scenery.

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Petersberg Golf Club

Situated 1200 meters above sea level and immersed in green expanses with backdrop views of the Dolomite landscapes; it is ideal for first time and seasoned golfers alike who can enjoy a rejuvenating walk in the 48 hectares of alpine woodlands and 18 holes of high altitude golf in a magnificently beautiful setting.

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