The sanctuary has historically been a destination for pilgrimages on foot, by car or by bus, thanks also to the various dedicated routes that arrive in front of the Sanctuary.


Over the years Pietralba has hosted up to fifty pilgrimages per year, with the different ethnic groups alternating in the various months: the Ladins in October, the Italians in July and August, the Germans in other months.  Among the historical pilgrimages that still take place today are those of the parishes of Val d’Ega, the Cathedral of Bolzano (Pentecost Monday), the Catholic Action of Bolzano (last Sunday in May), the Badioti (last Sunday in June) and Mòcheni (third Sunday in September).

The days dedicated to Marian feasts are also particularly popular: the first days of May, 31st May in memory of Mary’s visit to St. Elizabeth, the Assumption, the Nativity of Mary and the Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows.

History of sanctuary

The pilgrims route
to reach the Sanctuary on foot:

From Laives

From the parish church of Laives, go up Vallarsa until you reach the signpost no. 1 for the Sanctuary, from here continue accompanied by the capitals of the Via Crucis.  According to the traditional rite, the faithful traverse the path with a stone to be left at the penultimate station.



4 hours one way, with return by bus.


Altitude ascent


From Aldino

From the church of SS. Giacomo and Elena take the path no. 10 along the route of the Via Crucis.



2 hours one way, with return by bus


Altitude ascent


From Nova Ponente

From the Arche bar, continue along path no. E5 marked by a recent wooden Via Crucis.



2 hours one way, with return by bus


Altitude ascent


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